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Track Name: Eisenhower You are the Father of the Interstate Highway System
Spent my time, 95
up and down
back and forth
just to see some fine folks I know
mostly made up of the same stuff

I guess that I am grown up
I think that it's a joke but
No one else has to live with my mistakes
It's time be deliberate, make the right decisions

So I'm ditching the new highways
Going back to right roads
that were built before the great wars
cutting in on the coast
Dots on maps with dead downtowns
Warehouses with broken windows
the minutes and the miles are adding up
Track Name: Graham's Cat (David Byrne)
Didn't even make it down the street
so much for your big escape
packed up the silliest things
those of which no one would ever need

If I could I would tell you
it's going to better
you're going to be fine
but I can't so I won't

Work harder, do better
Throw away your old sweaters
don't call your ex lover
there is no love here
let time make you wiser
but don't dare get bitter
be happy and healthy
but go to bed hungry

Work harder, do better
but don't think to hard
on the cause of events
with David Byrne by my side
I narrate my life
How did I get here and how do you work this thing oh no
Track Name: John Galm Bike Crash
I don't want to see another story of success that starts with failure.
I want to sit at home and read a book about those that didn't know when to quit.

I don't know which side you're on.
It's not like you get to choose or,
it has anything to do with you.
Track Name: Terry Gilliam Day Dream
I've been losing sleep, can't be trusted to hold onto anything
I've been digging in deep but I don't think I'm going anywhere

There's a boy breaking teeth on aluminum bleachers
Trying hard not to step on the cracks
Keep your crush a secret
atleast you can enjoy it
before they go ignore you
say it's for your own sake
save you from your heart break

Brown eyes are boring
so are you
Hate all your stories
they're worse every time through
I'm not into settling
you're just convenient
It won't be the same when this year's through

Feet are white and glow
Knees are dark and heavy
only goes to show
im not afraid of a little hard work
Track Name: Morgan Freeman Glory Days
You once were bright lit then burned then thrown away
Holding to something that someone might say
You know you ought to shut them out
Holding themselves up by holding you down

I was towing a thin line
I was hammering just hard as I knew how
I told a big lie
I thought that you would be by my side

I know I know the fault was all my mine
I took this to far too many times
You weren't there when I needed a friend
What should I care anything that you have to say

I know I know the fault was all my mine
I took this to far too many times
You weren't there when I needed a friend
What should I care if you're doing okay

I was sitting on the shore
waiting for my ship to come in
All I got was to watch go down
Track Name: Doug Funny's Closet
Start a country band and throw away your comfortable clothes.
So proud that all you own are button up plaid shirts with embroidered shoulders.

I remember when you were singing out your lungs to a crowd full of no one.
I was standing in the front and it meant so much.
Track Name: William Van Alen Never Worked Again
I was crushed by mechanical kisses and burried by my bitter youth.
Learning how to take 2 steps and never think about you.

Losing my accent
Losing my voice
It happens slowly
I lost control.
Track Name: World Heavy Weight Champ, Jack Johnson
Oh I wish you would just shut up,
like a telescope
so I could keep you down and forget you

I was hoping to keep you near my heart
with old cigarettes and lists that never end

I wore you down I wore you out
the left one always breaks and the right one carries the weight.