Ok, Bye

by naked naps

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released January 25, 2014

Thanks to John Mitchell for engineering, Brian Franklin for mixing, John Meier for a little bit of mixing and mastering, Belle Farish for album art. All friends and family for an incredible amount of support.

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naked naps Raleigh, North Carolina

2 piece band


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Track Name: I Only Drink Whole Milk (YOLO)
You made more than one made decision in your life
Happens in the blink of an eye
Becomes how you're defined
I have more than enough sympathy for your devil
I want to know why good people do bad things

It's way too much fun to drink and drive
How you ended up with 2 duis
Your 2 eyes are sad sacks in your sad face
It's sobering to see you slowly falling apart

If he showed around here
I would shove his face in my good manners, quick wit and well kept Appearances

It's way too easily fall out of touch
I based our friendship on my love
Now it's all gone
I never felt better
You better be sure the bridges that you're burning
You don't need them anymore
Track Name: Dirt Mountain
Loose lips talk shit and I've had enough of it
All you ever wanted was some piece of mind but you can't have mine
I've been digging for so long, I made you a dirt mountain
It's not pretty and it's not useful
It's not good for anything
Gets in the way, in ways you can relate
I want to stroke your shitty beard
I want to hold you here but it's too late

I was hurrying home to no one
I was wasting all my time day dreaming about no one
I want to be overwhelmed by anything
I only go for little men who don't live close to me
Track Name: Eating the Snake that Ate Itself
Digging holes, using the dirt, to fill places that I lack
Running in circles, wasting my time
Feeling useless, feeling fine

I would do something radical if only it were more practical
I've been known to say things I dont mean
I've been listening to new songs by your old band
I've been writing these things with a heavy hand

Trash talking a losing team
Trying on for size when nobody knows who you are
Windows down, windows down
Fingers out
Track Name: Middle School Inspirational Speaker
If you hold your breath no one here is going to save you
If you bite your lip nothing bad is gonna come out
If you tie your shoes you will still be falling down
If you try your best you will just be dissappointed

Been lying to each without saying a single word
Acting like we've never been here and never know how to get back again
Would you like to ride on my shoulders?
Can I hold the back of your neck?
Will you know me when I'm older even though I'm full of regret?
Track Name: Sun Faded Film
There is motion shown
In a photo you once took
Long ago
And it hangs inside a place
You once called your home
And it's not like it really matters
Cause you never call

There are scars on your knees
And they serve as a faded reminder
That you will never grow
You will never get any better
Always returning to the places that you once left

Run away
Fade away

Killing time drinking in a ghost town yeah
Wasting time looking at that old
Faded film
Track Name: Untied Laces
I've been tripping over untied laces for way to long
And I'm too lazy to do anything about it
Been taking the long way home
Didn't want to talk to you
Been stuck on these back roads
And don't know what to do
Track Name: Bill O'Reilly's Bedroom Song
I'm not into the kind of boys who talk shit till you don't know what's what
I am better than you
I have nothing to prove
You can have it if you want it
But it don't have a use

We are older now and jaded
Grown up and frustrated with
Everything we never did
Everyone we never had
Everyone we did
Track Name: Power, Passion and Purpose (29-32)
You were watching
The Super Bowl with your family
And some strangers
Who called themselves friends of friends
The stadium was filled with people of privilege
And people of modest privilege
Who pinched all their pennies
For a day of disappointment
Such is life, so it goes
Three years gone, coming home